Sponsor a Family Member to Canada? Consult with an Immigration Lawyer

Immigration lawyer Mississauga says that you can sponsor your family members who are outside Canada so that they can come over and live as permanent resident only if they are:

  • You are a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen.
  • You are at least 18 years old.

You need to pay the needed fees.  There are some income guidelines that talk about the amount of money the sponsor has to meet.  However, in majority of the cases, the guidelines aren’t applicable if you are sponsoring a partner, spouse, or a child.  You need to meet other conditions and give out the required information which the sponsorship application asks for.   There are some legal clinics and settlement agencies which will be able to help you with this.

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Whom Can I Sponsor?

You have the option of sponsoring your spouse, the person you are married to, legally.  Your spouse can be of the same sex or opposite sex. In many cases, you will be able to sponsor your partner, the person with whom you have a marriage like relationship.  This means that two mean are just like married couples. Your partner can be of the same sex or of the opposite sex. There are various ways to show that your relationship is marriage like.

You can also sponsor your parents or grandparents.  They will also be able to apply for Super Via to come over to Canada as visitors.  This is good for almost 10 years.  It will enable the parents and the grandparents to stay for up to two years every visit.  You can sponsor your child or children who are below 19, if they aren’t married and living with a partner. In case your child doesn’t meet this condition, you can get in touch with immigration lawyer. You also contact immigration lawyer Mississauga if you want to sponsor someone else or a person who is already in Canada. Do not forget to get legal advice is you do not earn enough money like the income guidelines state that you should.

In case you have a partner, child, or spouse when you become a permanent resident, you have to tell the immigration authorities.  If you don’t, you will not be able to sponsor them.  You might have problems with your own status.

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What Happens When the People You Sponsor Arrive in Canada?

For some years, after their arrival, immigration lawyer Mississauga says that you have to support them by making sure that they have things such as housing, food, clothes, and money for paying these things.  As sponsor, you need to support your parents for even grandparents for 20 years.  For a partner or a spouse, it is three years and for a child, it can be 10 years or less than that.  When a sponsorship ends, you are still going to be responsible for the financial support says immigration lawyer Mississauga.

If you do not support the people you sponsored, they can get the money from Ontario works or from Ontario disability benefits.  If they get the money during the time you are supposed to support them as the sponsor, the government will take back the money from you.  Furthermore, you cant sponsor anyone else in future.

The decision for refusal is sent in writing.  Hence, you need to get legal advice immediately.

Criminal Lawyer Toronto Provides Quality Representation for Professional Discipline and Regulation

In Toronto, many people are into regulated occupations like physicians, pharmacists, dental surgeons, and more. The society holds people of these types of occupations in high esteem and conduct. However, as soon as any case of misconduct comes up, the person faces disciplinary investigation.

In order to remain protected from wrong allegation, people who are in regulated occupations can take the help of criminal lawyer Toronto. The attorneys can properly represent those accused professionals in front of the regulatory bodies and disciplinary tribunals. After all an allegation can cause serious damage to the reputation of the person as well as ruin their career. Hence, the criminal attorneys with their vast years of experience can come with a strong defense strategy before the disciplinary board on behalf of the client.

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Lawyers Can Help Clients to Deal with Regulatory Board

Any kind of misconduct from the end of a professional like doctors or other medical practitioners immediately comes under the radar. It is not only considered as a criminal offence but also an alleged breach of the laid down rules and codes. For breaching the codes and rules of that field, the person needs to face the governing body.

Already the accused person facing the criminal charge is under a lot of stress. Added to that, when they need to interact with the governing body, it becomes a daunting task. However, professionals can take the help of efficient criminal attorneys as the latter have a good idea about investigative and disciplinary enforcement proceedings.

Basically, any skilled criminal lawyer Toronto can easily deal with professional discipline and regulation cases brought against individuals from various industries. Hence, they can help out:

  • Lawyers
  • Doctors
  • Regulated Health Professionals
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Teachers

Although, the charges places against these professionals may vary, but an efficient lawyer can easily represent the clients and ensure that they don’t face major disciplinary actions.


Taking Strategic Path for Handling Risks

A skilled criminal attorney can come up with best defense so that pretrial resolution can be achieved. Normally, when a professional is criminally charged, he/ she should immediately report it to the licensing body. Failing ti do son can result in loss of license and other disciplinary actions.

A criminal lawyer Toronto while representing clients before the court and the licensing bodies will try to ensure the rights of the clients remain protected.  They can also keep the licensing body updated about the case.

Most importantly, the attorneys will prepare the clients for the interview with the disciplinary board. On the other end, they will try to deal with the disciplinary committee and submit the necessary documents.

As the cases related with professional discipline and regulation are very complex and follows a set of proper procedures. Hence, a criminal lawyer Toronto equipped with their technical skills can easily provide high quality legal services. The attorney will ensure that the allegations are properly answered. In short, being knowledgeable they know how to answer the questions and defend the clients.


Professionals under any kind of regulatory investigation can take the help of criminal lawyer Toronto in order to protect their reputation. The attorneys can also protect the life of the accused professional by preventing them to land in jail.



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Consulting Separation with Family Lawyer Oakville

Have you made up your mind to get separated from your spouse? If you have made up your mind then you must be looking forward to a strong legal advocate for fighting your case. Obviously, you will want a good lawyer who will always remain by your side. Separation forms a family law matter and in order to deal with separation, you can take the help of a family lawyer Oakville.

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Separation from a spouse can form the most painful and stressful experience in one’s life. In fact, children of separating parents find it extremely difficult to handle the fact. Often, separation faces a lot of challenges to the parties who are going through it. For example, sometimes a parent may not be ready to give away the right to take care of their children to their spouse or many other things.

The very thought of separation makes a person go through a feeling of anxiety, anger, incompetence, guilt, depression, insecurity and fear. And for many people these emotions are completely shattering. At this point of time, it would be better if one takes the help of a family lawyer Oakville in order to handle the legal matters.

Why Take the Help of Lawyers?

Many resources are available related to separation. Family law lawyers can easily provide their clients the necessary information. Often, when dealing with separation one gets to hear ‘legally separated’. Although there is no such thing like legally separated, but it can mean that both partners have signed on an agreement to live separately but they are not divorced.

Hence, one can see that the matters of separation are very complicated. Any mistake can prove to be very detrimental. So it is very important to consult a family lawyer Oakville as soon as one decides to separate from their spouse. The reason is plain and simple. The family lawyer can guide clients on important decisions. Moreover, they can help clients to understand their rights and privileges.

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How The Lawyer Can Help You?

When you consult a family law lawyer, they will try to attain important information from their client. At this point, several factors which can affect separation are clearly mentioned by the lawyer. For example, the family lawyer can discuss on the parenting arrangements. They can also advise on child and spousal support, property division, alimony and other things.

The family lawyer Oakville can also discuss on the various approaches that can be taken for initiating the separation process. For example, if mutual consent is present between the two parties then separation becomes easy for the couples. On the other hand sometimes court proceedings and mediation can be helpful in settling a case.

Family lawyers will basically assess the strength and weakness of a case and come up with a strategy to get it resolved. If the lawyer feels they can file a lawsuit on valid grounds. They will ensure that every aspect is handled.

Any good family lawyer Oakville is likely to tell their client the likelihood of the case. This means they can provide an analysis on whether their case has any chance of being successful. For more information read this article!

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