Can Divorce

Our complete personalized package is a modest $249. There are no handling fees, no shipping charges, no disbursements, and no hidden fees at all. This very modest fee is a tiny fraction of what lawyers would charge you for exactly the same outcome – you get divorced. Get your completed and personalized divorce documents delivered to your in-box, so you can move on – only $249. Get your legal documents prepared just for you. Your paperwork is ready to file, and your package comes with step-by-step instructions which walk you through the whole process.

  • You don’t need a local lawyer, so you save between $1,800 and $4,200 in legal fees.
  • Divorce legally, quickly and safely, 100% guaranteed!
  • Child custody and support issues are included with your Divorce.
  • Avoid the pain and frustration of going it alone.


Your divorce begins right here.
Tell me about yourself by sending your basic information, it will take about 2 minutes. Fill in your answers and when you are ready send it back by e-mail attachment. Divorce Specialist Colin Kennedy will personally review your information and reply by e-mail. You can expect a response within an hour, but if it is after 9pm or a weekend you can expect a reply around 10 the next morning.


Step 1:  download your application in Word format

Step 2: pay the modest fee now, or wait until you hear from Colin


Use your on-line banking.

To use your on-line banking. You need an email address, a password to access your bank accounts online and my email address. Email carries the notification while the banks use existing payment networks to transfer the money.

Remember – I do not see your card information. It is very secure, it’s important to stress that only the notification travels by email. Money is settled through existing funds transfer networks that banks have used for years to settle cheques and electronic transfers. 

E-transfer Instructions:
Log on to your own on-line banking page, and look for something that says SEND MONEY.
1. my e-mail address is:
2. The amount of the transaction is a total of: $249.00
3. You will be asked to create a secret question, and you will need to let me know the answer.


Step 3
After your payment is received, you will be directed to a special question page. Your answers are used to properly prepare your legal documents so that your divorce goes smoothly and quickly. Your divorce documents are prepared in accordance with the Divorce Act and the Child Support Guidelines. Your personalized legal package is usually sent within 2 business days. Your package is complete and ready to file with the court. Your divorce package includes your completed paperwork, step-by-step instructions, and unlimited e-mail support throughout the process.

Refund Policy

When you are a client our office may contact you by e-mail to verify points. Once the documents are prepared and sent to you it is your responsibility to file your papers with the court and pay the court fees. We guarantee your forms to be correct for your province. You may claim a refund if we make an error or omission or provide incorrect forms, and have failed to quickly make corrections. While our office undertakes a reasonable effort to collect the right information we can not be held responsible for incorrect information from you.

Things change, and your circumstances may change
We see it all the time. Someone receives his/her documents and they don’t file right away, and when they are ready to take the papers to the court their information needs to be updated. Or maybe income has changed and therefore the child support amounts need to be corrected. No problem, we’ll make edits send new documents. It’s all part of the guarantee and all in a day’s work.

84% of our new business comes directly from referrals.