Serving Papers

Serving the divorce papers is the first shot fired across the bow in the divorce battle. After the initial filing of the petition in your divorce case, the next step is to deliver the petition to your spouse. This is called service of process and it must be accomplished in strict compliance with the rules of the court. Service can be contested and quite often is in the cases where the parties live in different provinces. In Canada, to ensure that service is properly and legally accomplished an Affidavit of Service is required to be sworn by the person who delivers the papers. This form states the when and how service was performed.

You can do this yourself, or have a friend do it for you. If you are reluctant to involve a friend or family member you may hire a professional process server. It is his or her task to deliver the documents in a professional manner using discretion and common courtesy.

The fee for this service is usually less than $100.
OK, I can hear you now, moaning about more trouble and expense. Remember, we sincerely are here to help you make this process as efficient and painless as possible.

Your papers can be served on your spouse by one of our professional servers, anywhere in Canada. This guarantees proper service and saves you the time and aggravation of doing it yourself, or having a non-professional getting involved with your personal life.

It gets done. You do not have to worry about facing this difficult task alone.

What if you need to find him or her?

You have not heard from your spouse for months or years and have no idea where he or she is living right now. Nevertheless, the law requires that your spouse receives a copy of the divorce papers. A valid address is important.

If you do not want to contact family members or his/her last know work place then you do not need to give up For more information or a private discussion send an e-mail